Mexico City, February 2017

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately, and it seems like it’s time to share. I’m incredibly fortunate that my career is starting to let me travel to places I never thought I would see, let alone travel to for work! And although most of my time is spent between shooting events, airports, and hotels, I do try to find a little time to get out and see the sights.

Sometimes I get caught up on the “promo” side of photography, which I don’t find particularly beneficial. I really hesitated to share these images, because some could interpret it as my work “losing focus”–after all, if I’ve built the brand around shooting music and nightlife, what’s the point in sharing travel photos? But in the end, I think it’s healthier to shut that voice off and share for the sake of sharing.

Joshua Tree

This week, my good friend Taylor and I drove out to Joshua Tree National Park for a quick overnight trip. I had been out there a few times before, but I was never completely satisfied with the work I produced–and Taylor had never been. After a lengthy bout of LA traffic, we made it to the park in time for the sunset. 

After scouting for a good location to watch the sun go down, we climbed up one of the piles of boulders that litter the park to get a view of the landscape and eat our sandwiches.

Once the sun set, we began to watch the stars appear, and we drove through the park looking for some cool places to set up our tripods and shoot–including this little cave that provided us with a great view of the stars!

Throughout the night, I was constantly amazed by what we were seeing. If you haven’t been, the best way I can describe it is otherworldly. At night the silence is only interrupted by the occasional passing car or the distant howl of a coyote. If not for those sounds (and the distant glow of towns) one could believe that they were on Mars.

After a full night of shooting, we found an open campsite and flopped our sleeping bags on the ground–only to be woken up by the bright desert sun shortly thereafter. As we drove back to LA, we agreed that our adventure was a success, and that many more would have to follow. Below are a few more selections from my night, and be sure to check out (and his associated social media channels) to find Taylor’s shots from the evening.

May Day 2015

Tensions between police and protestors ran high this May Day. The Anti-Capitalist March, which started and ended at Seattle Central Community College was the main point of issue with the police force, due to the protest’s history of violence and destruction of property. Due to the continual issue of police brutality in America at the moment, the large police presence at this march angered protestors, who began to throw rocks and other objects at officers, who responded with rubber bullets, pepper spray, flash bang grenades, and tear gas. By the time I met up with the march, they were returning to the college campus, where police in riot gear corralled them in a central courtyard. Images are below.

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